Every child possesses special talents. At the International Talent Academy we strive to discover and cultivate these talents, exercise their full potential and encourage the kids to thrive as versatile, well-developed individuals who will succeed at whatever endeavor they choose to pursue.


To provide internationally inspired performing and liberal arts programs to children and adults and promote awareness of early brain development through our curriculum.


1. To build a unique educational organization that helps children discover their talents and reach their fullest potential in any area of the liberal or performing arts that they choose to pursue.

2. To continue conducting research on early brain development and provide an intellectual foundation for future schooling to the young students of the Academy.

3. To education parents about early brain development and encourage them to participate in such programs as they are provided by the academy.

4. To improve the quality of teaching in the field of liberal and performing arts as well as pre-kindergarten programs to young students by raising teaching effectiveness and educational standards.

5. To establish the kind of organization where each family member can satisfy their educational needs.

6. To achieve national and international recognition in our educational are programs for young children.


1. To create a unique environment where students, teachers and parents can collaborate to achieve educational goals and help one another to reach their highest potential.

2. To expand all liberal and arts programs to multiple locations and help people to understand their harmony by incorporating them into one another's curriculum.

3. To incorporate scientific research into the programs and use it all the time to monitor the progress and improve the educational programs.

4. To increase family quality time by bringing them together in unique parent-child classes where both parents and children learn and develop their abilities at the same time.

5. To bring the education at the Academy to the highest standards and have a potential to participate in any local, national or international competitions in liberal or performing arts with a perspective to organize them locally.


  • Research-based, high-level, unique educational programs for young children and their parents intended to increase IQ and develop special talents.

  • High standards and the quality of teaching.
  • Long-term ongoing programs for older children with an opportunity for advancement in a selected area.
  • Local, national and international participation and recognition of the student talents in competitions, festivals, and special events.
  • Quality educational programs for parents who would like to challenge their children in any area of performing/liberal arts and brain development.
  • Scholarships for ‘at risk’ youth for all ITA programs.
  • An employment opportunity for the successful graduates to become faculty members of the Academy.
  • Internship opportunity for seniors and graduate students from local High Schools and universities.
  • Partnerships with local churches, organizations and businesses to make the City of Carmel a great location for families to raise their kids and encourage economic growth.