ITA Class Spotlight: Show Dance

Show Dance was inspired by students who wanted to combine their love of dancing and acting.  Students in Show Dance are also given characters to perform on stage during the Musical Theater show using costumes, props, scenery and set pieces!

DID YOU KNOW? Show Dance is uniquely designed to equally benefit beginner dancers and advanced dancers in one class.  Show Dance allows advanced dancers to concentrate on characters, expressing emotions, challenged with difficult props and lead the performances; while beginner dancers learn basic movements, are introduced to acting techniques in dance and create their own characters. All students work at their levels on coordination, rhythm, musicality, along with proper body stretching, dance technique and stage presence.

WHAT IS SO BENEFICIAL ABOUT SHOW DANCE?  Students who study music and the performing arts, develop excellent critical thinking skills, build confidence, coordination, reaction, and learn to express themselves and work in a team.

GOOD NEWS: We are enrolling students in Show Dance in our Main Stage Classes and everyone is welcome to try 1 class for free! For more information and to schedule your free class please see our current schedule.


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