Making New Years Resolutions with your Kids

New Year means it’s time to take stock of our lives and fix what we don’t like. Be it our diet, exercise routine or tendency to procrastinate, there is always room for improvement in the coming year. We not only benefit from New Year’s resolutions; our children can also learn a lot about self-discipline and the value of making goals. Here are some tips on how to help your kids benefit from making resolutions. Make It a Family Activity The best way to teach your children the importance of New Year’s resolutions is by making it part of the family

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Creating new Christmas Traditions Part 3 of 3

Part 3 of 3 (miss part 1 click here>> or part 2? Click here >> Do Holiday Crafts Whether you DIY gifts, festoon garland, or assemble a Christmas village, hosting a family crafternoon is one of the most fun ways to get into the spirit. Turn on some classic Christmas music, warm up a mug of hot chocolate, and get to work. To spread a little holiday cheer, hand deliver your handiwork to elderly neighbors who could use a little company.   Have a Christmas Movie Marathon As if you needed another excuse to binge watch something on your favorite

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Creating new Christmas Traditions; Part 2 of 3

Part 2 of 3 (Did you miss part 1? Click here to catch up: See Who Can Find the Pickle Ornament While this quirky custom, sometimes called Weihnachtsgurke, supposedly has German origins, it’s more likely an American Midwest tradition, according to The New York Times. What’s the significance of this ornament? Traditionalists say the first child to find the pickle Christmas ornament gets the first present, an extra present, or the job of handing out the presents, plus good fortune in the year to come.   Get Creative With Elf on the Shelf To the dismay of parents everywhere,

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Creating new Christmas Traditions; Part 1 of 3

Collect Memento Christmas Ornaments One of the most touching ways to mark the passing years is to have a custom ornament made each holiday season. Whether you’ve moved or sent your first child to kindergarten, you’ll be flooded with memories each time you pull that trinket out of storage to hang it with care. Make a DIY Photo Booth You might associate them with weddings and other big events, but making your own at photo booth is a great way to create mementos to share. You won’t need much more than a digital camera or iPad on a tripod, a

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25 Random Acts Of Kindness Your Kids Will Love

Say thanks—just thanks—to your parents, for no particular reason. Leave a kind, funny, or inspiring note in a library book you’ve read. Make a friend laugh: Wrap up a roll of bubble wrap and “surprise leave it” for a buddy. Tell a joke. Credit the person who told it to you. Be a study buddy—or help a younger kid with homework. Clear your own dishes. Then surprise your parents and clear theirs, too. Let your brother go first. Leave a dollar in a vending machine slot. Start a jeans drive. Toss in your favorite pair. Collect toiletries for service members.

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How to Take the Stress Out of the Holidays

We are reminded, every year at this time, how difficult holidays can be for people who are lonely or alone. But let’s be honest: even for families rich in children, holidays can be stressful—both for parents and kids. Why are holidays so fraught? Because expectations are heightened, and holidays can feel like a test of how happy and successful your family is. And if you have children with psychiatric or learning disorders, even favorite traditions can turn into a test of stamina and patience. Here are some tips to help minimize stress and make the holidays more fun and fulfilling.

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