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6 Tips for Boosting Your Child’s Immune System

What can you do to protect your children from the endless array of germs and viruses they’ve exposed to every day? Unfortunately, getting sick when you’re a kid is simply part of the job description. Slowly, children build up their immunity by battling an ongoing series of germs, viruses, and other organisms—which is why many pediatricians consider six to eight colds, bouts of flu, or ear infections per year normal. But there are healthy habits that will give your child’s immune system a boost. SERVE MORE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Carrots, green beans, oranges, strawberries all contain carotenoids, an immunity-boosting chemical;

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7 Life Skills to Help Your Child Succeed

Life skills go hand to hand with personal development and will help your child succeed in life.  These seven skills will set your child for success in all aspects of life, including school, relationships, and work. FOCUS AND SELF CONTROLChildren thrive on routines, which not only create a feeling of security but also help children learn self-control and focus. Talk with your child about what to expect each day. Organize your home so your child knows where to put shoes, coats, and personal belongings. PERSPECTIVE-TAKINGTeach your kids to think from another person’s point of view, discuss characters’ feelings and motivations

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SUPPORTING CHILDREN IN TIMES OF STRESS by Kevin Williams In times of adversity and turmoil, stress evokes strong emotions and causes uncertainty. As parents, we are in the best position to help our children. The following tips have been prepared to provide broad guidelines to help parents in tough conversations. Listen Some children want to talk about difficult situations, and some won’t. Both reactions are normal. If they do want to talk, actively listen to their concerns, validate, and encourage the discussion. If they don’t feel like talking, don’t force it, but do check in. Don’t Avoid Difficult Conversations Parents

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Six Ways to Establish Great Relationships with your Children

By Leslie Clark Tip #1 – Learning with Mom and Dad Your children’s early experiences – the bonds formed with you as Moms and Dads and their first learning experiences – deeply affect their future physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. Early child development sets the foundation for lifelong learning, behavior, and health. The experiences your children have in early childhood shapes their brain and their capacity to learn, to get along with others, and to respond to daily stresses and challenges. Tip #2 – The Importance of Being a Parent You, as Moms and Dads, are among the most important people

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Boost Your Child’s Brainpower

What Programs Can Boost Your Child’s Brainpower?

Want to know some important and fascinating facts about brains and brain research that relate to your child’s development? Here are a few you should learn about: -Scientific research provides the basis for development of early childhood environments, practice, curriculum, staffing and training. -The brain is the only organ that continues to develop and evolve from birth onward, and is the most powerful from birth until puberty. -Making connections strengthens the brain, while slacking on those connections weakens it. -Neuron connections are like roads on a map: those that are used become highways, and those that are not used will fade away. What can you do to take advantage

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Help Develop a Child’s “Language Brain”

What Class Helps Develop a Child’s “Language Brain”?

Ready to learn about your young child’s language center in his or her brain? Here are some facts about this important area: -It is where language skills are stored. -Its learning window is open from birth to ten years of age. -It is important for children to hear many words by age two for a larger vocabulary. -Introducing a second language by age ten will increase a child’s chances of mastery. If you would like to boost your two- or three-year-old’s chances of language success, sign him or her up for our Toddler Fundamentals: Speech & Fine Motors Skills program.

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