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What Can Foster a Child’s Musical Skill Growth?

Did you know that your child’s brain has an area dedicated to music? Here are facts about “The Music Brain:”

-String instrument players have a large area of their sensory cortex dedicated to their left hand’s fingering digits.

-Its learning window is from three to ten years.

-Most concert-level music performers begin playing at age five or earlier.

-It is very difficult to learn an instrument as an adult.

Is there a program that can help your child learn music skills early on? There is at the International Talent Academy! Our Little Mozarts Explorers class is open to children ages one to three. You and your little one will have fun singing, dancing, and playing instruments. At the Music for Little Mozarts classes (for ages 3-5), kids learn and explore basic music concepts and styles such as low/high and loud/soft sounds, note values, types of music moods, and classical music!