Theatre Programs

Theater Fun

Ages: 5-12 years old

Join us for theater fun to play, learn, and meet new friends! This class is designed for those of you who are interested to try and learn acting. During this session, kids will play acting games to develop emotions, expressions, speech, focus, reaction, creative movement, and partner communication. We will use their favorite stories to practice acting, improvisation, storytelling, imagination, and creativity.  Kids will love this activity which will also help them grow confidence, develop presentation skills they will use at school, and prepare them to be a part of a show in the future.

Main Stage Theater Adventures

Ages: 4-8 years old

Young actors will create their own show for a Holiday or Spring performance. During the semester-long class, students develop skills in using the tools of an actor: body, voice and imagination. Through theater games, creative movement, music, observation exercises and original scene development, students explore the stage, learn their lines, practice reaction and working with a partner. The class will perform an original play, created by kids at the end of the session.

Main Stage Musical Theater

Ages: 6-12, 10-15 years old

Explore being a “triple threat” by acting, singing and dancing on stage!  This class is great for those who love musical theater and would like to try themselves on stage and learn more about acting. Musical Theater actors will create their own show for a Holiday or Spring performance during a semester-long class. The class involves creative writing, acting technique, exercises, and games, singing & voice development, dance & stage movement, working with the partner and more! The class meets once a week and no auditions are required. The class will perform an original play, created by kids at the end of the session.

Theater Improv


Ages: 8-12 years old

If you always wanted to get introduced to acting and improv, this class is for you! Improvisation is a basic skill for those who want to be successful in life as it teaches you fast thinking, confidence, communication with others and on spot problem solving. Participants will play improv games, read small scenes, work on voice projection, reaction, thinking on spot, acting and expressions. Invite your friends to have a fun night together!


Audition Basics workshop


Ages: 10-15 years old

Whether you are planning to do an audition, presentation, interview or a competition, this class will teach you tips and tricks on how to present yourself in the most successful way. Participants will learn and practice voice projection and acting technique, cold reading and stage presence. Most importantly, students will get valuable advice on how to overcome stage fright and make a successful appearance at your audition or presentation.


Acting Together workshop


Ages: 6-10 years old with adults

What could be better than spending a night acting together with your child? Kids and parents will have lots of fun playing acting games and practicing how to speak using ‘stage voice’, making facial expressions and body movements, and working with a partner. Acting experience helps with gaining confidence, self-expression, reaction, attention, and adds another exciting moment to cherish together!


Actors Take the Stage: Movie Edition

Ages: 8-12 years old

Do you have a favorite character from a movie you always wanted to play on stage? This class will take popular scenes from movies and allow you to act them out with a scene partner. Students develop stage presence, vocal projection and movement for the actor. Instead of going to the movies, act out your favorite ones!