Mission & Expertise

ITA's Mission

To develop confidence, creativity, and capabilities in every child. We empower students to discover their unique talents and accelerate cognitive development through internationally inspired performing and liberal arts programs.

ITA's Mission
Tatyana Komarova, ITA Director

ITA's Vision

To create an organization that shows parents and students alike the value and benefits of liberal & performing arts education. To maximize the potential of young children to build a new generation of leaders, creators, and contributors.

ITA Values

  • Personal growth – in areas such as responsibility, life skills, and social skills.
  • Leadership – of one’s own thoughts and actions as well as within one’s community.
  • Diversity – of thought, programming, community, and culture.
  • Exploration – of abilities, talents and the world as a whole.

ITA's Expertise

  1. ITA as an Educator:
    We provide children with knowledge and valuable skills and educate parents about the importance of early childhood education.
  2. ITA as an Expert:
    Our programs stimulate early brain development, teach life skills and boost confidence and creativity.
  3. ITA as a Developer:
    We develop well-rounded personality with positive attitude & leadership skills that would make a meaningful impact for the community.
  4. ITA as an Inspiration:
    We inspire parents to spend quality time with kids, and raise them as caring, responsible, capable, curious, self-motivated people.
  5. ITA as Resource:
    We conduct research on child development & education topics to provide resources for effective parenting.

While you’re striving for your kids to get A’s, we want C’s!

  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Capabilities
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

Skills We Teach

  1. Fundamentals (Hard Skills, Cognitive Development, Capabilities)
  2. Critical Thinking (Analytical, Problem Solving, Creativity, Life Skills)
  3. Collaboration (Social, Leadership, Communication, Team-Building)

Why Choose ITA?

ITA Expertise: Early Brain Development

High Quality Programming

Focus on child’s abilities:

  • Advanced curriculum based on research
  • Customized programs
  • Unique activities
  • Kids are challenged
  • Experienced teachers
  • Parent requests are considered
Mission & Expertise: No Audition & Recognition

No Audition & Recognition

In each class students:

  • Accepted with no audition
  • Get a personalized part
  • Receive knowledge, guidance
  • Get individual attention
  • Utilize their skills & talents
  • Receive a certificate at the end of the program
ITA Mission: Students get confidence & life skills​

Confidence & Life Skills​

Development segment on:

  • Confidence, concentration, creativity
  • Performance, speech, presentation
  • Reasoning, discipline, life skills
  • Problem solving, leadership, teamwork
ITA's Mission: Kids Choose, Create, Play​

Kids Choose, Create, Play​

ITA students:

  • Create songs, poems, scripts
  • Choose their own themes and characters
  • Learn through fun educational games
  • Discover and develop their special talents
ITA's Mission is to provide kids unique experience​

Unique Experience​

Opportunities are endless:

  • Perform at local community events
  • Enter prestigious competitions
  • Travel abroad
  • Volunteer & get a teaching experience
  • Receive advanced training

ITA's 15-Year Community Impact

Since the International Talent Academy’s founding, it has been committed to developing future leaders.

30 annual programs
We provide 30 high level performing & liberal arts to help young children learn and grow.
3960 students

3,960 students benefited from our programs in the past 15 years.

5000 parents

5,000 parents benefited from our programs in the past 15 years

64350 in scholarships

ITA awarded $64,350 in scholarships for young children in the Indianapolis area.

20 community partners
ITA collaborated with 20 college organizations, businesses, international organizations, and professionals nationwide for business, research, cultural and educational projects.
50 projects

50 research & development and business projects were completed to help ITA.

6000 volunteer hours

6000+ volunteer hrs were completed to help ITA improve on marketing, strategy, and educational programs.

150 internships

ITA continuously working with high school & college students to provide teaching & business experience & raise a new generation of educators and non profit professionals.

We need your help and support to continue providing these benefits to our community.