About ITA


Performing & Liberal Arts School for Young Children

International Talent Academy (ITA) is a traditional non-profit educational organization located in Carmel, Indiana. 

Our mission is to develop confidencecreativity, and capabilities in every child. 

We empower students to discover their unique talents and accelerate cognitive development through internationally inspired performing and liberal arts programs.

ITA is dedicated to elevating performing arts and early childhood education to world-class standards. It is our goal to promote high-level arts education within our community, provide support to young artists, and give them an opportunity to develop their talents and reach their fullest potential in music, theatre, dance, and liberal arts. Our curriculum includes unique performing arts classes which are based on early brain development research and specially designed for young children.

ITA’s Unique Approach to the Arts & Early Childhood Education

Youngest Performers

We are the only program that provides a comprehensive theater & show choir education in the area for the 4-8 age group with a full-scale show at the end of the session.

No Audition Policy

We do not hold auditions but accept every child who dreams to be on stage and provide him or her with every opportunity to be successful at their very first time performing.

Kid-Created Scripts

Each semester children help write unique scripts specifically tailored to the skills, abilities, and interests of our Musical Theatre classes! All students get a role they want to perform and help develop their very own character. Advanced students help write the entire show from curtains to bows!

Individualized Program

We believe that confidence is one of the most important life skills. We design our programs around each child’s abilities to boost their confidence and creative skills to a higher level as well as work on the particular needs of each child.

International Materials

We have a collection of hand-made instruments from around the world that students are allowed to handle and play under our supervision. We also use other materials that are bought from different countries

Learning Through Play

We love to play and so do our students! We teach our subjects through fun educational acting, dancing and music exercises and games aimed towards the development of confidence, memory, voice, movement, concentration, discipline, working with a partner, and other skills necessary to the class.

Hands On

We use many visual aids and instruments that allow students to touch, see, and experiment and learn the subject matter at their own pace in a group setting.

Community Involvement

We provide our students with opportunities to perform at community events, recitals, and shows. Our Talent scholarship program supports students who otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to receive performing arts education.

International Programs

We provide our students with opportunities to experience unique international programs, organize international trips to participate at the Children’s International Performing arts festivals and events Worldwide.

Parent Involvement

We believe that educating parents is one of the most important missions of ITA. Parents of our students are smart, caring, intelligent, and involved in the process with their children!

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