Request a custom-designed program for your special group.

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We have a variety of high-level programs for all ages.

We invite you to get together with your friend group
and choose a class that would benefit your kids.

We will be happy to custom-design it for you!

How to request a program:

  1. Read Program Descriptions below.
  2. Choose a subject and topics.
  3. Choose the number of sessions you would like to take (range from 1hr (workshop) – to 16 hrs (1 semester)
  4. Find 8-12 friends to take a class with your child. We will make a program flyer to post around.
  5. Identify days and times of class.
  6. Email Ms Tatyana to request a program.
  7. We will discuss all details on the phone or via Zoom.
        •  Musical Theater
        • Theater Improv
        • Audition Basics
        • Acting Together
        • Acting on Camera
        • Music Theory
        • Piano Lessons
        • Song Writing
        • Composition
        • Ballroom Dance
          • Early Reading & Writing
          • Language Enrichment
          • Math & Logic
          • Music for Little Mozarts