History of ITA

History of ITA

The International Talent Academy is a unique non-profit performing and liberal arts school for children and their parents that was founded in Carmel, Indiana by its Executive Director Tatyana Komarova in 2006.

As a distinctive educational organization whose mission has the support of Mayor Brainard, Carmel community members and businesses, the International Talent Academy is dedicated to create an organization that shows parents and students alike the value and benefits of a liberal and performing arts education and to maximize the potential of young children to build a new generation of leaders, creators, and contributors. It is our goal to provide support to young children, and give them an opportunity to develop their talents and reach their fullest potential in music, theatre, dance, and liberal arts. Our curriculum includes unique programs which are based on early brain development research and specially designed for young children. Some existing high-achievement teaching organizations partner with the Academy.

The idea of establishing the ITA came from a private study, performed by Tatyana Komarova, the founder of the International Talent Academy and the program designer. The study is a summary of classical theories, current research on the subject of brain development and early learning, and also over 30 years of personal experience working with children and parents.

History of ITA

What's Unique About ITA?

The uniqueness of the Academy is in our international curriculum, which is based on classical studies and contemporary research on early brain development, and developed for students who would like to be challenged.

According to a variety of major studies in the field, preschool age is the most important in human brain development. Research, performed by The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, indicates that the formation of the human brain occurs during the first six years of life. Therefore, the earlier you start teaching your children, the greater opportunities they would have to reach their fullest potential.

People, who do not actively use their brain during the first six years, may extremely diminish their capacity for brain development. Stronger neural connections within the brain develop only if the brain is used. We truly believe that intellectual and art-related programs for preschool children are very important and would be especially beneficial and helpful in preparation for formalized schooling.

Our exclusive and collaborative performing and liberal arts programs will help young children up to the age of 10 develop their brains and reach their full potential so they are able to thrive and excel in our advanced programs. The goal of the ITA is to alert parents so they do not lose the important years of children’s growth, educate them about early brain development, and help children thrive as versatile, well-developed individuals who will succeed in any endeavor they choose to pursue.

Our Early Development Programs include music, theater, dance, etiquette, and train the brain programs. In the future, we would like to open more programs in early reading and writing, foreign languages, math and logic, encyclopedic knowledge, etc. This advanced curriculum will be based on classical studies and contemporary research on early brain development.

Our Talent Development Programs offer beginning, intermediate and advanced students high-level private and group instruction in music, ballroom dance, and theater, and the opportunity to participate in local and international competitions, concerts, and special events. Outstanding college and ITA graduates will have an opportunity to intern at the Academy as an instructor or teacher-in-training.

Where Can We Find ITA?

Currently, ITA holds programs at the Carmel Monon Community Center, Private Schools, Clubs, and other locations in the Greater Indianapolis area and services 400+ students each year.

ITA has a partnership with the Gorin’s Piano Studio, Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition, International Camp “Artek”, and many local organizations. Over the years ITA has supported young talents who have been nationally recognized as winners of local, national and international competitions. During the past years they have been honored to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City, Carmel Palladium, and camp Artek in Russia. Their achievements had been acknowledged in Central Indiana newspapers as well as the Carmel Magazine. ITA is proud to support young talents and provide amazing opportunities and scholarships.

ITA is very involved in the Greater Indianapolis community; we have participated at the annual International Arts Festival, CarmelFest, piano competitions and other city events. Every year ITA supports local non-profit organizations and schools by donating gift certificates to their fundraisers. ITA is a member of the One Zone, and in addition, Ms. Komarova and other ITA board members belong to the Carmel Rotary Club.
The ITA’s achievements have been acknowledged in central Indiana newspapers as well as Current in Carmel, Carmel Magazine, Indy Child, WISH TV.