Personal Development Workshops

In these fun interactive 1-hour workshops participants will learn, practice, discuss, and motivate each other to improve on their personal skills. Invite your friends to learn together and meet other like-minded people! Let’s get together and inspire each other!

Goal Setting &
Organizational Skills

Goal Setting Workshop

Learning how to set goals is an important life skill everyone should learn at a young age. This workshop is designed for you to learn how to establish priorities and set your individual goals. Through interactive activities and improv games you will discover your inner potential, create your goals’ ladder, and gain confidence and motivation to set and achieve your personal, educational, and health goals.

 How To Achieve Your Goals Workshop

After setting your goals, it is important to know how to follow through with these plans. In this workshop, you will learn tips and tricks on how to stay motivated, on-task, and not give up on your goals. Through interactive activities, you will practice and learn about obstacles and solutions, how to improve yourself and become successful in achieving your goals. 

Organizational Skills Workshop

Have you ever felt disorganized, thoughts in a jumble, and unable to focus on your tasks? This workshop will help you get organized, create schedules, to-do lists, develop the correct mentality, and help you restart with a fresh, clean plate.

Time Management Workshop

Do you constantly waste time? Get distracted? Join our workshop to learn how to become productive and manage your time well. You will learn tips and tricks on how to avoid distractions, motivate yourself, and start managing your time efficiently. 


Age Group: 10-18 years old
Location: In-Person or On-line
$20 (for 1-hr workshop)

Communication & Personal Development Workshops

Social Skills Workshop

How to choose friends, make good choices, and be true to yourself? This workshop will teach you to overcome difficult situations, choose quality friends, protect yourself from bullying and develop a beautiful character. Through role-playing, discussions and friend-building games, you will learn what it means to possess self-confidence, good character and true friendships in our current society. 

Business Etiquette Workshop

In this interactive program, you will learn practical ideas and strategies that will help you present yourself with confidence in business and social arenas. Learn how to segue an appropriate introduction into a networking opportunity thus opening doors and creating a favorable impression of yourself and your business. 

Successful Presentations Workshop

This workshop will teach you about different types of presentations, give you tips on how to overcome public speaking anxiety and be an effective communicator.  You will practice body language, voice exercises, hand gestures, and learn the most effective ways to speak to an audience.

Speech & Debate Workshop

This workshop will introduce you to speech & debate. You will learn and practice public speaking, argumentative, and critical thinking skills in communication settings. Through role-playing games, students will participate in fun improv debates on different topics and learn how to actively persuade, inspire, inform, and engage an audience through the art of public speaking.

Confidence Builder Workshop

Confidence is a way of thinking that affects emotions, behaviors, and attitudes. In this class, you will learn and practice 15 ways to build confidence, self-presentation, positive attitude, sense of responsibility, leadership, and communication skills through role-playing, discussions, and team-building games.

First Impression Workshop

First impressions are important. Have you thought about how you will make a good one? In this workshop, you will learn tips and tricks on how to make your first appearance, dress for success, use body language, vocal cues, and the best opening lines for sparking a great conversation.

How to Make Choices Workshop

Do you know how to make the right choices in life? You will practice ‘making choices’ strategies, learn about decisions, challenges, and outcomes, identify personal values, ‘no assumptions’ rule, and the best ways to communicate with your peers.


AGE GROUP: 10 – 16 years old
LOCATION: In-Person or On-line
PRICE: $140 (for 8 weeks)

Organizational Skills & Goal Setting - 8-week session

Learning important life skills early in life will set kids for a successful future. This program is designed for kids to learn and practice goal setting, personal values, self-organization, and time management. Through interactive activities and improv games participants will gain confidence to set and achieve their goals in personal development, organizational skills, productivity, and problem solving. Students will be challenged by activities that promote creative strategy, encourage independent decision-making as well as working with peers in a constructive, collaborative way.


  • Self-Organization
  • Time Management
  • Goal setting
  • Productivity
  • Problem Solving
  • Personal Development

Note:If, for any reason, you are not able to make the class at the particular time scheduled, you will be sent the class recording to watch and learn at a time convenient for you.