Liberal Arts Academy

21st Century Social Etiquette

Ages: 6-12 years old

For families who recognize the importance of their children’s etiquette, this interactive program focuses on up-to-date good manners and personal & social development. This class is full of fun interactive activities where children learn & practice social skills and communication.

Conversation & Personal Development

·      Formal/informal Introductions

·      Building Confidence

·      Asking questions

·      Respectful behavior with adults and kids

·      First Impression/Body Language

·      Talking on the phone

21 Century Dining Etiquette Workshop & TEA PARTY

Ages: 6-12 years old

In this 2-hr interactive live workshop kids will learn and practice 2 Major Etiquette Topics:

I. Conversation Etiquette:

– Introductions
– The Golden Rule
– Basic Conversation
– Confidence

II. Dining Etiquette:

– How to set a table
– How to use fork & knife
– Proper behavior at the table
– How to eat ‘hard’ foods
– Tea Party

What to know:

 – Participants will bring a dish to share (will choose from a list)

  – Please, dress up as this is a formal Tea Party and we will take lots of pictures!

 – Participants will receive handouts for each topic and a Workshop certificate.

 – Space is limited, sign up now!

21st Century Cotillion

Ages: 10-15 years old

Welcome to the 21 century Cotillion where young ladies and gentlemen will be refined, enriched, empowered and guided through the fine points of the modern society’s commonly accepted social rules. This program is for those who would like to learn and practice higher level etiquette skills, proper communication, mutual respect, general social graces, and carrying oneself in formal and informal situations. Activities include formal introductions, first impression, body language, social rules, intro to dancing, table setting, dining skills, formal tea party!


Ages: 6 – 10 years old

In our high-tech society, good manners are essential for every child’s self-confidence and success in life. These skills help us make friends and resolve conflicts in a healthy way. For families who recognize the importance of their children’s etiquette, this interactive program focuses on up-to-date good manners, personal development, and dining skills. This class is full of fun hands-on games where young children learn & practice introductions, social etiquette rules, and gain self-confidence and self-respect. At the end of the session participants practice table setting and dining skills in our ‘Play Restaurant’ and enjoy formal Tea Party. Handouts will be given at each class.

Public Speaking & Debate

Ages: 9-14, 14-18 years old

In our society, young people are hiding behind silent glowing monitors, phones and television, which enormously decreases their ability to communicate. Help your children gain confidence and get ready for successful presentations at school. In this program, participants will learn tips and tricks to expressing themselves, connecting with their audience and using these skills for class presentations, auditions, interviews, leadership roles, and group discussions. Activities include voice projection, stage presence, speech and debate practice, speech structure, constructive criticism, and icebreaker games that will help students become effective communicators. At the end of the session, participants will have the knowledge and skills to deliver their speeches at the podium! (Please, notice we have 1-wk, 4-wk and 8-wk sessions. The curriculum will slightly vary depending on the session’s length).

Organizational Skills & Goal Setting


Ages: 9-15 years old

Learning important life skills early in life will set kids for a successful future. This program is designed for kids to learn and practice goal setting, personal values, self-organization, and time management. Through interactive activities and improv games participants will gain confidence to set and achieve their goals in personal development, self-organizational, scheduling, productivity and problem solving. Students will be challenged by activities that promote creative strategy, encourage independent decision-making as well as working with peers in a constructive, collaborative way.


Social Skills & Confidence Builder

Ages: 7 – 13 years old

Social Skills Series 1: Confidence builder

Confidence is a way of thinking that affects emotions, behaviors and attitude and it’s very important to build confidence early in life. In this class participants will learn and practice first impression, self-presentation, positive attitude, sense of responsibility, leadership and communication skills through role-playing, discussions and team-building games.

Social Skills Series 2: How to Choose Friends

How to choose friends, make good choices, and be true to yourself? This class is dedicated to teaching young kids to overcome difficult situations, choose quality friends, protect yourself from bullying and develop a beautiful character. Through role-playing, discussions and friend-building games, participants will learn what it means to possess self-confidence, good character and true friendships in our current society. 

Social Skills Series 3: Making Right Choices

How to teach kids to make right choices in life? Participants will practice ‘making choice’ strategies and goal setting, learn about decisions, challenges and outcomes, identify personal values, ‘no assumptions’ rule and best ways to communicate with their peers. Activities include: strategic games, role-playing and discussions from real life situations.

Problem Solving Challenge

Ages: 7-13 years old

How do we teach kids to solve everyday problems by themselves? Problem Solving Challenge is a comprehensive program designed to help kids grow their mind and develop logical thinking, persistence and creative skills. This program includes timed hands-on STEAM challenges which a team should solve on the spot. Students will build structures using simple materials, create improv skits, and learn leadership skills, problem solving and overcoming barriers.

The Leader in You

Ages: 7-12, 13-16 years old

Students will learn effective leadership and team building strategies through role playing games designed to strengthen their listening and leadership skills in a team environment. Participants will learn to work through difficult situations by recognizing and utilizing each team member’s strengths.

Good Manners

Ages: 4-7 years old

Good manners and social skills are important in all aspects of your child’s life, from the playground to the classroom. While playing fun and exciting games young children will learn to use magic words, introduce themselves, talk on the phone, interact with their peers and adults, learn dining skills in our “Play Restaurant”, and much more! At the end of the session participants will enjoy dressing up and attending our fabulous Tea Party. Materials included.

Fancy Tea Party

Ages: 4 – 7 years old

Calling all glamorous ladies and charming gentlemen! Join us for fancy etiquette lessons. Your child will learn the art of polite conversation and increase his or her elegant vocabulary through roll play. Children will enjoy dressing-up, making perfect parfaits, and decorating delectable cupcakes at our fabulous Tea Party!

For Girls Only!

Ages: 7 – 12 years old

Do you know how hard it is to survive in today’s “girls’ world”? This class is dedicated to teaching young girls to be true to themselves, overcome difficult situations, choosing quality friends, making the right choices in life, and developing a beautiful character. Through role-playing, book reading, movie discussion and friend-building games, the girls will learn what it means to possess self-confidence, good character and true friendships in our current society. Let’s get together and make a difference, ladies!