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What Program Can Aid in Your Toddler’s Brain Development?

When does early brain development begin to slow down? Early childhood – up to three years of age – leads to the formation of 1,000 trillion new synapses. In fact, the brain’s main duty at this age is to create new brain cell connections. Neurons that are used continue to strengthen throughout childhood, while the rest will begin to disappear – in fact, roughly one-half of those 1,000 trillion synapses present at three years of age will be gone by late adolescence.

What can you do to help your strengthen and build brain cells early on? Enroll your child in one of the International Talent Academy’s programs! Our Toddler Fundamentals: Movement and Coordination Program is open to two- and three-year-olds. Movement and Coordination have a strong correlation with a child’s brain development. In this class, children will enjoy fun exercises with music, play games based around hand-eye coordination and larger motor skills, stimulate imagination, and interact with their peers!