Irina H., parent:

“Rising Star competition is a great event with a festival-like atmosphere where kids are given the opportunity to demonstrate their hard work and to gain performance experience, as well as confidence. We are grateful to everyone who made this celebration of talent and parental dedication happen!”

Andrew M., parent:

“Our 9-year-old daughter recently participated in her first rising star piano competition. The event was well organized and such a special experience for the kiddos. She learned a lot about herself and got to share her talent with others!”

Hanna K., parent:

“The ITA’s Rising Star Competition was very well organized and thanks to all the volunteers everything went so smoothly on the day of the event. It was a great experience for the kids to play on stage and I loved the fact that all the participants went home with such joy holding their super fancy trophies in their hands. I sincerely thank everyone at ITA for going through all the trouble preparing the competition, truly appreciate all your hard work!”

Rebecca Sorley, Piano judge, professor, University of Indy.
“The competition staff & volunteers made every student feel comfortable to perform at their highest level, have a great experience.  all students performed beautifully and were so well-prepared.”

Tony Weinstein: Piano judge, professor from DePaw University. “The level of both talent and preparation was quite impressive. Congratulations to the performers and families, and huge kudos to all the teachers!”

Yana Weinstein: Voice judge, Faculty at Indiana State University. “I was really impressed with smooth organization and format. Thank you so much for inviting me. I really enjoyed it.”

Kirsten Gunlogson: Voice judge, professor at Butler University. “So much eager young talent, supportive parents and amazing teachers and volunteers coordinating the event. Bravi tutti!

Naoko Wallace, teacher

“I have been very pleased to send students to Rising Star for the past two years. The experience of preparing and participating in the competition has helped my students to stretch beyond themselves – they are able to shine a bit brighter and engage their talent at a higher level, achieving what before they may have felt is impossible!”


Katherine N., mother and performer in the Parent/Child Act.       “It was so special to work on this musical project together with my daughter. She felt such pride in her performance and I was so impressed she had the courage to sing in front of a large crowd. She learned confidence and discipline while having lots of fun. I am grateful for Rising Star to have this treasured memory of sharing a stage with my daughter”

 Dan O., father and performer in the Parent/Child Act Category. “My daughter and I had such a great time performing at the Rising Star competition and practicing together. The competition was really well done and it was amazing to be there on stage to support and encourage my daughter with her musical talents. She has also taken several theater classes with ITA and she’s enjoyed them all.”