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Thanksgiving Is Coming. Are Your Kids’ Manners Ready?

Children learn proper table manners and more in the International Talent Academy’s etiquette programs.

Mary Fetzer discusses tips for teaching your children manners at Thanksgiving time in “Thanksgiving etiquette to teach your kids.” She points out how important it is for children to learn about and practice the basic etiquette that is expected during such holidays. Some lesson examples she provides include:

  • Encouraging them to help clean up after dinner or help the host or hostess with other tasks.
  • Chewing moderately sized bites of food with their mouths closed.
  • Eating only from their own plates and at moderate portions.
  • Understanding proper utensil usage.
  • Practicing good posture.

More tips and lessons are provided in the article on SheKnows, linked above. Looking for a more comprehensive way to teach your child good matters? The International Talent Academy’s next etiquette class begins on October 4th and runs through November 15th – just in time for Thanksgiving Day and other holidays where polite behavior is key! Learn more and sign up today.




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