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Helping Your Child Make Friends

Children can learn important social and confidence building skills at the International Talent Academy.

What skills do our children need in order to make good friends and build long-lasting relationships?

In an article on, Jessica Efird discusses how important building social skills early on is for your child’s emotional well-being and future success. Ms. Efird also outlines some ways that parents like you can help their kids build friendships. Some techniques mentioned include:

  • Helping kids set up and schedule playdates
  • Discussing ways that your child can be a good friend and spot such a friend
  • Signaling your child’s social strengths to him or her and suggesting ways to build on them
  • Understanding the differing needs of children who may be shy or have special needs

Social skills and confidence are very important tools in our kids’ lives, especially when lots of their time is spent on electronic devices.  We invite your kids to come and make new connections, practice communication skills, discuss how to make good friends and recognize bullying. They can also build confidence and an ability to make the right choices in life! The Social Skills & Confidence Builder program is for every child! Join us on October 18th, 6 pm at the Monon Community Center. More information is available on the sign-up page.


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