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Does Your Child Have Friends?

The International Talent Academy can help your child improve social skills and build confidence.

Whether or not a child has friends can be tough for a parent to decipher, but it is an important question, nonetheless. The Child Mind Institute provides some advice for figuring out if your child is on the introverted or shy side, and also offers some advice on how to help your child boost his or her social skills and confidence. Some strategies they suggest include:

-Helping quieter kids get out of their comfort zone by gently pushing them into less familiar social situations

-Honoring the differing social needs of introverted and extroverted children

-Practicing social skill building and friend making with your kids

-Encouraging young ones to practice healthy social and communication skills during playdates

Read the full article to learn more about what the Institute has to say. If you are looking for a fun and helpful way to build your child’s social skills, the International Talent Academy’s Social Skills and Confidence Builder is a wonderful way to start. Kids learn to make new friends, have ample opportunities to learn and practice good communication, and even learn about bullying recognition and prevention. Since the program is also a confidence builder, kids learn to take control of their own lives and futures, as well! Sign-ups run through October 18th, when the program starts at the Monon Community Center. Learn more by visiting the program’s sign-up page online.