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How can you help your child excel at math?

Are you of the impression that children with different skills should only use the left- or right-side of the brain? Think again. Boys and girls of all skill sets should be encouraged to flex both sides of the brain, as the two are needed to learn both spatial and language skills, among others. For instance, it is possible to learn math competencies through music education, or develop critical thinking skills through theater workshops. Parents and teachers alike can encourage the use of the left and right brain hemispheres by providing access to learning activities that enhance both.

Did you know that your child has a “logical brain?” Here’s everything you need to know about this part of the brain:

-It helps your child build math and logic skills.

-Its learning window is open from birth to around age 4.

-The math circuits are located in the cortex, where music skills are developed, so incorporating music education into a child’s life can help improve mathematical skills.

The International Talent Academy understands the importance of teaching children arts-based and practical skills for a more well-rounded and successful future. Our Toddler Fundamentals programs are a good example and is a great start for logical thinking and STEM activities. Children do creative experiments using numbers, colors, shapes, patterns, problem solving and logical thinking. Parents receive printed materials to work with their children at home.