What Programs Can Boost Your Child’s Brainpower?

What Programs Can Boost Your Child’s Brainpower?

Want to know some important and fascinating facts about brains and brain research that relate to your child’s development? Here are a few you should learn about:

-Scientific research provides the basis for development of early childhood environments, practice, curriculum, staffing and training.

-The brain is the only organ that continues to develop and evolve from birth onward, and is the most powerful from birth until puberty.

-Making connections strengthens the brain, while slacking on those connections weakens it.

-Neuron connections are like roads on a map: those that are used become highways, and those that are not used will fade away.

What can you do to take advantage of your young child’s rapidly developing and powerful brain? International Talent Academy has several programs available for toddlers and preschoolers to boost their brain power!

Children explore and improve their hand-eye coordination, memory, logical thinking and creativity.  Through fun, logic-based games, children learn great life skills and prepare their minds for school.