Birthday Parties

Celebrate with the Arts

You’ll LOVE ITA birthday parties! Our starting rate is $150 for 2-hours of fun, custom-made entertainment for your event for up to 12 children ages 3-12.*

  • All bookings come with a free consultation to discuss activities and even brainstorm new ideas if you had something new you’d like to try!
  • If you had themes in mind, we can tailor to that, or you can choose from our pre-made themes of princess, theatre, tea party (etiquette) or scavenger hunt.
  • We come to a location of your choosing and the two hours can include a costumed character, exciting movement and learning games, music, songs, dress up, a special surprise for the person of honor (optional), outdoor fun (optional) and we can lead any games or activities you had in mind.

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Your child will LOVE his or her next custom-made Birthday party or special event with us!

*ITA does not provide food or party decorations.

Party Themes


Games, dress-up, story improv

Princess Party

Games, songs, dances, dress-up

Team Building

Games, obstacle course

Scavenger Hunt

Clues, games, obstacle course


Good Manners, Tea Party, and More