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5 Great Goals for Kids Ages 3-12

Parents, please share this article with your kids and help younger children, they CAN achieve these goals!

  1. Time Management: set up a weekly schedule for your lessons/homework, afterschool activities and home choirs. Add a small new project every week (clean your closet/desk/room, organize toys, books, etc). Challenge yourself to follow it and get rewarded at the end of the week if you complete everything on time!
  2. Be Proactive: Take the lead on projects at home and at school.  Choose from a small group project, craft, family activity or even home dinner. You will gain a lot of confidence and self-respect!
  3. Learn something new every week or work on improving your skills. Dream big! Whether you want to learn to do the splits, learn a new song, how to cook, tie your shoes or gain more confidence in your speech presentation, set your goal and work towards it every day. Work towards your goals by yourself or find an after school group or class to help you and you will see great results in a couple of months. Remember: Practice makes perfect!
  4. Be Kind and Help others. Pay attention to other people in your life: family members, friends, teachers, neighbors and see how you can help them. They will appreciate you very much – “Treat others the way you want to be treated”.
  5. Bond with your family. Organize a special family night. No gadgets, computers, phones, or TV allowed!  Play Board games, charades, perform an improv, puppet or talent show, storytelling, concert, craft project or anything else!  Make it a weekly or monthly family tradition. Invite grandparents, friends or neighbors to the next one!  You will make great relationships and long-lasting memories.

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