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10 Things to Keep Your Child’s Brain Active Over the Summer

1. Nature Scavenger Hunt: Learn about the types of trees, insects, leaves/pine needles and rocks found in your backyard or nearby park and create a scavenger photo list to send your little one out to find, or go on the adventure with them!

2. Activity Books: Have workbooks for your child to complete while on summer break. Make it exciting for them to complete by offering rewards like a trip to the Children’s Museum or another favorite place!

3. Bring your Child to Work Day: Arrange with your boss/co-workers to let your child observe what you do while they are in school. Do you stay at home? This is very educational as well!

4. Apprenticeship: Ask your child what kinds of jobs really excite them. Then contact local businesses, inform them of how your child wants to be like them when they grow up and see if it’s possible for a quick 15 minute-half hour tour!

5. Self-Set Goals: Ask your child what they want to learn about this summer or what books they want to read. Children are much more likely to commit to something that was their idea!

6. Play School: For playdates, designate a school area in your house and allow the children to play school. Have various activities for the kids to teach each other and complete. You’ll be surprised how much they can learn. TIP: Get an older sibling to be the teacher and they can teach what they learned during the school year!

7. Summer Music Lessons: Don’t have time in the school year to fit in music lessons? Go against traditional scheduling and enroll in private music lessons just for the summer. If your child really loves it and shows commitment, it’s a good thing you made time for it now and can prioritize it during the school year! ITA offers private piano and voice lessons. Contact us HERE for more information and to schedule a FREE lesson consultation.

8. Teach them to Cook: There is a lot more to cooking than we think! Teach how to measure things accurately, how to follow directions, kitchen safety, adding or subtracting different ingredients and the science of what happens to the food while it is being cooked!

9. Summer Camps: A lot of parents choose to enroll their children in one or more summer camps. There are so many quality programs that we are lucky to choose from in the greater Indy area. Check out ITA’s summer camps HERE!

10. Summer Classes: Some schedules don’t necessarily allow some children to go to camps. Summer classes are a great option! Classes ran during the summer are very understanding of students not having perfect attendance. At ITA, we realize that you may not make every class, but we invite you to join us over the summer anyways! Check out our summer class schedule HERE.

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