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The Benefits of Music Education

International Talent Academy students have fun while learning valuable life lessons through music education.

In “6 Benefits Of Music Education In Early Childhood,” the Austin Children’s Academy discusses how arts education, including music-based classes, can be as beneficial to the development of young children as STEM education. Following are 6 benefits of music classes as highlighted in that article.

  1. Improved self-confidence
  2. Enhanced math skills
  3. Better teamwork capabilities and stronger disciplinary skills
  4. Focus and memory are stronger
  5. Language development is improved
  6. Improved hand-eye coordination and other fine motor skills


Learning to read music, joining a children’s music group or picking up a new instrument are activities that can enhance some or all of the above skills and strengths. The International Talent Academy’s music-based classes for children allow kids to express themselves through music all while having fun singing, dancing and learning about music. Some classes begin this Wednesday – browse our fall schedule to sign up and learn more about all upcoming programs.

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