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Why Early Literacy Is Important

Literacy is one of many skills taught through the International Talent Academy’s liberal and performing arts-based educational programs.

Saul Wagner discusses the numerous reasons to stress childhood literacy as early as preschool in “Early Literacy: Benefits of Early Reading Habits for Preschoolers.” Wagner discusses the many strengths that a young child can develop from early reading-based knowledge, including:

  • Enhanced social and communication skills
  • An early love of education and learning
  • An understanding that reading is joyful
  • Improved reading comprehension skills later in life
  • An enriched understanding of life and the world we live in
  • Development of real-world skills needed in school

Read Wagner’s full article for more information on the benefits, challenges, and options involved when trying to incorporate reading into the lives of small children. Looking for a fun way to enhance not only your child’s literacy skills but also his or her critical thinking, social and general life skills? The International Talent Academy has arts-based programs that offer all of this and more. Browse our online schedule to learn more about our upcoming programs.

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