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Etiquette Matters in Early Childhood

Children enjoy learning proper etiquette during one of the International Talent Academy’s programs.

In the article “Helping Children With Manners,” the Child Development Institute discusses how important it is for children to learn about manners. The article stresses how essential it is for children to learn proper etiquette and social skills not only for the benefit of society but also for their own well-being as they grow older. Proper manners serve to enhance one’s own reputation while respecting the rights and feelings of others. Here is an overview of some of the tips provided by the Institute:

  • Teach manners at home. Even at a young age, children can learn to respect others’ privacy, feelings and rights within their family. Young childhood is also a wonderful time to begin teaching children about sharing with others.
  • Practice being a respectful guest. Teach your kids how to say “please” and “thank you” to their hosts or hostesses at events where they are guests, and also show them how important it is to not overstay one’s welcome or forget to offer help.
  • Stress the importance of street manners. Kids need to learn how important it is to be polite and respectful in public. Show them how to behave while out and about by being a respectful citizen on public property and around strangers.
  • Instruct on proper table and telephone manners. Besides the basic respectfulness lessons that can be taught at home, you can take time during everyday activities like answering the phone or eating dinner to teach proper social etiquette to your son or daughter. Again, it is important to demonstrate manners as well as lead by example.


If you have had a hard time finding a great program to supplement your young child’s manner lessons at home, the International Talent Academy may have the solution you have been looking for. We have Etiquette and Social Skills classes beginning in October – learn more about them and register by viewing our online program schedule.

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