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Importance of Organization for Students

After working diligently on a project, you don’t want to get a failing grade because you couldn’t find your work when it was due because you were disorganized. Not only does organization keep you on track so that you can earn the grades you deserve, it prepares you for the working world, where organizational skills are a requirement in many jobs. If you start practicing effective organizational skills early in middle or high school, you’ll do much better in college and be fully prepared for a successful career.

Keep Up

In school, information comes at you at increasingly faster speeds. With the explosion of social media, 24-hour news cycles and technological breakthroughs, you’ve got to be able to organize the content to filter out what you need to retain and what you can discard. To keep up with the flow of information you’ll receive in college, you need to develop a file system in your computer that allows easy access to your research as well as hard-copy folders to separate and file papers, articles and assignments.

Recognize Relevance

Effective organization helps you in a number of ways. It allows you to collect information and put it in order according to its relevance. If you’re scattered and unorganized, it’s difficult to piece together information in a useful way for papers and studying. You’ll be able to compare notes, group information in terms of its relevance for each class you’re taking and classify your priorities more effectively when you develop order to your schoolwork.

Save Time

Time is valuable, especially if you’re a full-time student with a job. Time spent looking for research you’ve already compiled or pulling together your notes taken from various classes is time you can’t afford to lose. Take a few moments each day to place papers and documents in appropriate files to save those precious minutes or hours you spend looking for them otherwise. Keep your apartment or dorm room in order so it’s easier to find your books, notes, clothes and sporting gear. Invest in a desk organizer to keep mail, bills and notices in order so you don’t waste time sorting the same stuff over and over.

Don’t Miss Anything

Disorganization can lead to missed deadlines, late charges and lost opportunities. Keep lists of exams and appointments on your phone or laptop to help you organize your affairs to ensure you complete vital tasks in the order of importance. Your desk organizer will help you keep up with bills and notices so you don’t miss due dates. Plan your days and check off tasks once they’ve been completed so you don’t forget to finish important projects.