Does Your Child Know How to Choose Good Friends?

Does Your Child Know How to Choose Good Friends?

The ITA’s Programs help kids learn important social skills through fun arts-based curricula.


The Pragmatic Parent has published an excellent article that details the importance of teaching your children how to choose good friends and be a good friend starting at an early age. Some ways that you can help your child develop good friendships kills, as outlined in this insightful piece:

-Encourage children to include, rather than exclude, other children

-Demonstrate how to be a good friend by being a good friend as an adult

-Show children how to find and explore common interests with others

-Explain how jealousy and gossip cause issues in friendships

-Help kids understand that disagreements need to be handled through positive communication

Following these tips will help children be good friends and also teach them to spot great friends who will have a positive impact on their lives. If you would like to further help your child to develop healthy relationships, meet new people and practice Social Skills in a new environment, JOIN us in the Social Skills and Confidence Builder program, which begins on October 18th. Learn more by browsing our Fall Program Schedule.


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