Singing Is Important for Children

Singing Is Important for Children

Children can benefit from the singing-based programs that the International Talent Academy offers.

In Lin Marsh’s article, ”Why song and dance are essential for children’s development,” which appears on the British Council’s website, the importance of music-based education for the healthy development for children is discussed. Ms. Marsh specifically highlights the unexpected benefits that singing has for the development of young children, including:


  • Increased health (singing is an aerobic exercise) and reduced stress.
  • Brain and emotional development.
  • Enhanced bonding with others.
  • Better moods and behavior.


If you are looking for a great way to introduce your child to the world of singing, consider signing him or her up for the International Talent Academy’s Group Vocal Coaching program. It begins on October 1st – sign up or learn more by visiting the online program schedule.

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